Madison Technologies Introduces CovCT Check In System To Track COVID-19 Hot Zones

A technology company, Madison Technologies launches an independent contact tracing platform, CovCT with hopes to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform has been kickstarted in Malaysia yesterday, allowing the community to provide timely data to healthcare practitioners to better assist them to treat potential patients.

According to Praburaajan Selvarajan, CEO of Madison Technologies, they built CovCT in a bid to provide authorities from different countries a solution to gather information on the movement and spread of the virus. If contact tracing is done well, it provides an early indicator of how best to plan and allocate scarce resources such as ICU beds, respirators, and medication.

The CovCT allows users to enter information as soon as they scan a CovCT QR code at any of the locations that have enlisted on the platform, as more locations come on-board could provide valuable information for health authorities across the globe stave off this pandemic.

“We have designed the CovCT platform to protect the safety of all personal data. The data collected will be stored privately and anonymised on the platform and will not be shared with any individuals, businesses or the locations where the users have checked in,” Praburaajan further explained.

Building managements, business owners and even community leaders from across the globe can participate in this movement by registering their venue on the CovCT website, Upon registration, a CovCT kit will be provided which includes instructions and the unique QR Code poster. This can be printed and placed around the surrounding area of the registrant’s location. The QR codes provided are unique to each location. If you are a business brand with multiple outlets in various locations, you will need to register all your locations and receive individual CovCT kits.It is encouraged that the locations ensure all visitors check-in and make any contact tracing effort more manageable for health authorities across the globe.

Users can then participate in the contact tracing effort via CovCT in 3 simple steps:

  1. Scan the QR code at the location visited
  2. Fill up the details required
  3. Ensure that your check-in is successful

With the introduction of CovCT that will be available globally for all communities for free, Madison Technologies hopes to encourage and empower all businesses, communities, and individuals to stay safe and be responsible wherever they may be by participating in the contact tracing efforts during this global pandemic.

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