Perhaps this is good news for men who have concerns about their sexual performance. A new iWatch app, Fitdix that is developed using smartwatch and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, claims that it would help men end their reliance on pharmaceuticals to boost sexual performance and reduce premature ejaculation.

After being developed for two years, the app logs 100 different techniques to boost arousal, sensation, pleasure and stamina. Users can search for techniques or anonymously share their favorites. Fitdix saves data on motion, pace, intensity, time and calories burned; users can use this data to set new personal goals.

The iWatch’s accelerometer and the gyroscope are able to track a user’s hand and arm motion when they move, shake, or tilt the device. The accelerometer is actually made up of three accelerometers, one for each axis—x, y, and z. Each one measures changes in velocity over time along a linear path. Combining all three accelerometers enables the app to detect device movement in any direction and get the device’s current orientation. The gyroscope measures the rate of rotation around the three axes.


The beta version of the app is currently only available for the Apple Watch with plans to release a version for Android Wear in the near future. Premium versions of the app offer personalized training programs and the ability to monitor heart rate zones.

According to consumer trials conducted over a 6-month period, users reported the following health benefits:

  • 57% experienced a decrease in premature ejaculation;
  • 76% reported increase in natural erection strength;
  • 61% reported lasting longer during sex between 18-21 minutes;
  • 23% experienced a reduction in nasal congestion;
  • 42% reported a decrease in stress and depression

Fitdix will soon be available for download in the Apple App Store.

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