The First Date of Two Millennials Who Matched on Dating App

Thanks to digital transformation, the popularity of dating apps are on the rise over the past couple of years. More and more people, especially millennials, are being savvy by taking advantage of these technologies to find someone for casual dates, for making new friends, and even for a serious and meaningful relationship.

Perhaps some of you might be interested to give it a try but still hesitate to do so, here we’d like to share a story of two millennials who have matched on a dating app. Let’s find out.

“I had never thought that I would actually go on a date with someone I just met online!” – Jess Lim, 24

Some time back, my friend told me about her new relationship with someone she met on a dating app called “OkCupid“, and encouraged me to try it out. Out of curiosity, I signed up for the app!

The sign-up process was so detailed yet exciting with many relevant questions – it took me  a few minutes to create my profile and answer some of their “quirky“ match questions. Some of the questions sounded interesting to me, such as:

  • Do you believe in dinosaurs?
  • Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved?
  • Do you enjoy discussing politics?
  • Cheese on nasi lemak?
  • Would you go to the mamak for a first date?
  • If you won MYR5,000 what would you do with most of it?

Nonetheless, you can skip the question if you don’t feel like answering it, and choose those that you think are relevant or important to you.

After my profile was set up, there were some recommended “matched” profiles appearing to me, and this guy, Chia was one of first few profiles I swiped right on. He messaged me on the app on that day itself and we started chatting. He’s two years older than me, a pupillage student who’s in the middle of his chambering. To be honest, we have a lot of topics in common. He’s fun, entertaining and knowledgeable, and that always made our chatting interesting.

We exchanged phone numbers after a few days, and had our first phone call on a Friday night. It was a long one as we talked for almost 2 hours! My phone battery was almost dead! We chatted about places we’ve traveled to and shared music we both like; and I also told him about my college life and he shared me his chambering experience. But most importantly, he asked me out for a drink on that weekend! Without hesitation, I said YES!

After I hung up the call, I was overwhelmed and excited at the same time as I had never thought that I would actually go on a date with someone I just met online! This was one of the craziest things I’ve ever done in my life, and I told my best friend, Lynn about it. Lynn was excited too, and suggested me to do a vlog on the date as she knew I always wanted to experiment in vlogging, and she felt this would be an interesting content. I liked the idea but I was worried about Chia’s response at first. I texted Chia on next day morning and told him about the idea, and surprisingly, he was quite cool about it!

Well, how was my first date with Chia? Did it go well? Check out the video below to find it out yourself.

Remarks: The above story was narrated by Jess Lim, a user of OkCupid who granted the permission to Pamper.My to feature her story and video on our platforms. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the OkCupid app now from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and begin your search for your Mr. or Mrs. Right for a meaningful relationship!

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