If you happen to be named Daniel or Aina, you are more likely to catch the eye of the opposite sex, while Virgo and Aquarius men and women are the best choice for that brief romantic fling.


According to latest survey results revealed by the matchmaking app JustDating, single men prefer dating women whose names are easy to pronounce and remember, such as the top three attractive names, Aina, Wendy and Stella, while young women would rather choose young men with names containing more than one syllable, such as Daniel, Steven and William, as their companion for the evening. If you want to have success with members of the opposite sex, you might want to choose one of these names as your own.

As for the star sign, Aquarius men and women, who cherish their freedom and don’t feel comfortable with any sense of feeling constricted, are the favorite dating partners. Virgo men are surprisingly popular among the dating choices of single women, mainly for their ready willingness to help others. If you would like to spend an exciting evening or indulge in a brief romantic fling on Valentine’s Day, then choose a Virgo and an Aquarius as your date.

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