In conjunction with the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, Resorts World Genting invites all Malaysians to break fast to a mouth-watering array of traditional Malay dishes at Rajawali Coffee House at Awana Hotel, and at its new Medan Selera food court, the latest dining addition to SkyAvenue mall, from May 18 to June 13, 2018.

Ramadan Buffet at Rajawali Coffee House, Awana Hotel

Over a hundred dishes from all parts of Malaysia will feature in the Ramadan Buffet. From starter – premium kurma dates, imported from Iran, Tunisia and Morocco, main courses including mouthwatering Malaysian street food – Satay, Beef and Lamb skewers along with seafood Otak-Otak and a full array of sides, and special bowls of Sup Gear Box ‘Lambreta’, Sup Perut, Sup Daging and other treats, served with Roti Banggali to mop all that liquid goodness.

Ramadan Buffets at Rajawali Coffee House

In addition, a whole Spit-roasted Australian Lamb with Homemade Black Pepper Sauce and Mint Sauce takes centrestage, introducing Rajawali’s delicious choices of grilled meats, which include Ayam Percik with Sos Percik Merah and Rojak Ayam. An Ikan Bakar stall offers fresh local favourite fish varieties – Kembung, Siakap, Kerapu, Keli, Tenggiri, Terubuk, Patin, Tongkol, Cencaru and Tilapia – all grilled to crispy perfection that is best served with a dollop of Sambal Celup, Sambal Belacan, Sambal Cincaluk, Budy or Air Assam. The selection of seafood expands at the next stall, with fresh Crabs, Prawns, Squid, Ikan Kembung and Fish/Squid Balls cooked Goreng Tepung style.

Ramadan Buffets at Rajawali Coffee House

Ramadan Buffets at Rajawali Coffee House

A Malay feast is not complete without rice, and that appears here in different forms, like fluffy Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Briyani and Nasi Putih. This will be the vessel for the creamy punch of curries and dishes from the main station – including Gulai Lemak Daging Salai, Asam Pedas Ikan Pari, Rendang Tok, Patin Tempoyak, Pajeri Terung, Tempeh with Potatoes and Japanese Taufo with Mushrooms – or Nasi Kandar-style recipes from the Penang station, which include Kari Kepala Ikan, Kambing Masala, Kari Sotong, Chicken Prathal and Dalca Sayur. Rice also appears in the Bubur Lambuk station, to be eaten with a variety of sides including Serunding Kelapa/Ayam/Daging, Prawn, Minced Beef, Salted Radish, Anchovies and Chili Padi Kicap.

Don’t forget the traditional Roti John, served with Beef, Chicken or Sardines. Or the crispy selection of breads from Murtabak, Roti Canai and Roti Telur to Puree, Chappati, Dhosai and Idli. Noodles get the spotlight at the Ipoh counter, with Ipoh Curry Mee and Char Koay Teow, alongside Sotong Kangkung, while a dedicated Laksa stall showcases Laksa Kedah, Laksa Johor, Mee Jawa, Mee Bandung and Mee Rebus. Assuage the guilt of all that rich food with fresh Ulam – choose from Kerabu Kacang Botol, Kerabu Taugeh, Kerabu Mangga, Kerabu Kaki Ayam and Kerabu Perut Lembu, to go with crunchy Genting Garden Salad leaves, Tauhu Sumbat, Rojak Buah and Pasembor.

Ramadan Buffets at Rajawali Coffee House

Do leave room for dessert. A rainbow selection of over 50 homemade Malay Kueh, of various colours, textures and ingredients from Kueh Lapis, Kueh Bingka Uni Kayu and Kueh Talam to Lepat Pisang, Badak Berendam and Kueh Sago Merah will be served. Traditional puddings like Bubur Cha-Cha, Pengat Pisang Raja, Ais Batu Campur and Cendol offer a silky alternative, while children will be delighted by huge selection of ice creams. Finish the evening on a tropical note with fresh local fruits – including Nangka, Cempedak, Ciku , Dukong, Langsat, Mata Kucing, Manggis and Rambutan – or a choice of pickled Jeruk Nyonya Masdor. Wash the feast down with a traditional selection of Malaysian drinks, including Sirap Bandung, Sirap Selasih, Soy Milk, Air Mata Kucing, Air Asam Boi, Teh Tarik and fresh fruit juices.

Ramadan Buffets at Rajawali Coffee House

The Ramadan Buffet at Rajawali Coffee House runs from May 18 to June 13, 2018 followed by Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Buffet exclusively available on 15th & 16th June 2018. The buffet is priced at:

  • RM110 nett per person (Adult); and
  • RM55 nett per person (Children below 12 years old and Senior Citizens above 60 years old).

For advance bookings, enjoy an early bird rate of RM90 nett per person (Adult) applicable for bookings made before 20th May 2018. For reservations, email or call 03 6436 9000 / 019 388 0390.

Medan Selera Food Court, Skyavenue

The newly opened Medan Selera food court, at the resort’s gleaming SkyAvenue mall, with seating capacity for 270, is operating from 8.00am to 10.00pm daily, brings together five favourite cuisines in an easy-to-access and relaxed environment.

Dine-in guests can choose from Rice & Spice, Noodles, Laksa, Western Asian and Crispy Chips outlets. Rice & Spice offers delicious variations of our Malaysian staple – rice – including the always-popular Nasi Lemak, Nasi Lemak Rendang Tuk, Nasi Briyani and Nasi Kandar with a huge variety of side dishes. Noodles serves a wide selection of noodle-based dishes, from smoky Char Kway Teow to hearty Mee Bandung, light soupy Bakso to spicy Singaporean Fried Beehoon. The neighbouring Laksa focuses on a specific noodle dish and its regional variations from across Malaysia, including Nyonya Laksa, Laksa Johor, Laksa Kelantan and Asam Laksa.

Western Asian heats things up with grilled meats and Arabic breads. Cooked to perfection, choices include Chicken and Lamb Shawarma, mouth-watering Grilled Chicken Shish Tawook and Kebab, Roasted Chicken Leg, Seafood Rice and Middle Eastern breads like Zaatar Manakich, Mohamara and Cheese Bread. Rounding off the selection is Crispy Chips, featuring Western staples like Crispy Fried Chicken, Chicken Popcorn, Fish & Chips, Calamari Rings and French Fries that will please adult and child palates alike.

Medan Selera is located on Level G of SkyAvenue mall, below the newly-opened Bona Cinema.

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