adidas Launches First Regional Super Brand Day on Shopee | Oct 9 – 11

adidas is launching its first regional Super Brand Day “Ready for Sport” on Shopee for 3 days from today until Sunday, Oct 9 to 11, across six markets in Southeast Asia, as part of the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival.

The adidas Super Brand Day serves to excite users with fun and interactive ways of shopping for adidas products on Shopee. For instance, users can participate in sports challenges led by their favourite KOLs and celebrities on their Instagram channels. As livestream shopping continues to gain prominence among shoppers in our region, adidas will also be hosting Shopee Live sessions where users can win prizes, score exclusive discount vouchers and purchase adidas products featured during the stream.

From October 9 to 11, Shopee users will get to access special content features on Shopee Live, take part in games and activities, and enjoy promotions on the adidas official store as follows:

  • Exclusive adidas Originals on Shopee

The Adidas Originals Flower Pack for women and Patch Work Pack for men will be available exclusively via the adidas official store on Shopee.

  • Adidas ‘Ready for Sport’ on Shopee Live

Viewers can join a 45-minute unboxing session followed by product review on Shopee Live. Exclusive adidas vouchers will also be unlocked throughout the session and there will also be a giveaway of adidas products. All featured adidas products will be available for purchase on their official store on Shopee Mall.

  • Special adidas edition of Shopee Catch

Users can earn points playing the in-app game, where they will have to “catch” adidas merchandise using an adidas sports bag while avoiding bombs within the time limit. Points collected can be exchanged for adidas discount vouchers.

Head over to now to find out more about the adidas ‘Ready for Sport’ Super Brand Day. Happy shopping!

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