innisfree’s Vintage Filter Edition is all you need for a ‘Newtro’ look

‘Newtro’ means ‘new’ plus ‘retro’, is a trend that has recently taken off in South Korea. Inspired by popular Korean dramas, this pop-culture trend is all over the place – from fashion to interiors and even makeup! Many young people are obsessed and eager to try out the ‘newtro’ looks that featuring a contemporary twist in the vintage style!

If you’re eager to try out the look but have no clue how to create it, worry not as the new innisfree’s Vintage Filter Edition will make it possible for you to create the soft and romantic ‘Newtro’ looks effortlessly!

Inspired by the romantic vintage mood camera filters, the Vintage Filter Edition allows beauty lovers to create a romantic ‘Newtro’ makeup look without using a camera filter. The collection comes complete with eyeshadow palette, blusher palette, lipstick, blur pact, highlighter, mascara and brush.

Vintage Filter Eyeshadow Palette

The 10-pan Vintage Filter Eyeshadow Palette (RM120) contains a mixture of matte, shimmer, and glitter colours with faded pink and soft brown tones, for creating an alluring vintage mood eye makeup look. Its fine powder texture can be applied evenly without clumping while its excellent adherence feature allows its vivid, pigmented colour to last all day long.

Vintage Filter Blusher Palette

The Vintage Filter Blusher Palette (RM70) that comes with three vintage camera filters inspired shades can help you create a film camera-esque romantic cheek tone for a soft, yet eye-catching, classic look. Its smooth powder texture allows you to create a non-cakey but bright natural-looking blush with a soft, dreamy effect.

Smudge Blur Lipstick

Available in two vintage rosy shades, this Smudge Blur Lipstick (RM38) has a lightweight, easy-to-smudge texture that fits delicately on the lips. Its velvety finish with blurring effect allow you to create a dreamy, filter-edited look. The slim design makes it easy to create a gradient look or an even fuller, overlined lip makeup look.

Vintage Filter Blur Pact

The Vintage Filter Blur Pact (RM43) has a squishy, jelly-like texture that helps to blur the texture of your skin for a smooth, matte finish while keeping the skin moisturised. Comes in a handy portable size, it acts as a quick-fix pact to absorb excess oil and sebum to keep your makeup matte, fresh, and smooth anytime, anywhere.

Filter Lighter Trio

This Filter Lighter Trio (RM65), a triple-layered highlighter loaded with fine, micro-sized pearl pigments in a moist, jelly-balm texture that adheres evenly to your skin to create a dazzling, shimmer glow effect. It comes in three distinct shades for different looks – skin lighting for a natural and bright look; volume lighting to accent your features; and vintage lighting for a brushed, classic look.

Vintage Filter Color Cara

This Vintage Filter Color Cara mascara (RM56) comes in a rosy-brown colour to create a soft, exotic, vintage look. Possesses a waterproof, gel formula, this mascara will keep your eye makeup clean without flaking, clumping, or smudging even after a long time. It comes with a specially designed brush which is good for applying on both short and long lashes.

Filter Lighter Brush

This delicate volumizing highlighter brush (RM43) has densely packed soft bristles, optimal for applying cream and jelly textured makeup. It allows for an even application of multi-dimensional makeup. It is a fingertip-shaped brush with shorter bristles on its sides for a finger-applied effect – optimised for facial curves to express full colour with high adherence. It can also be used to apply foundation or cream blusher to achieve a soft finish makeup look.

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