#Raya2018: SNICKERS Encourages Malaysians to Make a Difference this Ramadan

SNICKERS Malaysia continues to promote compassion and understanding among Malaysians through its 2ndSNICKERS Memahami’ campaign this Ramadan. This year, the campaign saw the release of a SNICKERS short film, The Shift Switch on its official YouTube channel. The video has received more than 1,500,000 views on both SNICKERS Malaysia’s YouTube channel and official Facebook page.

The heartwarming video which captured Malaysians’ attention has also inspired others to switch shifts with their Muslim colleagues and friends to enable them to have a meaningful Iftar this year. Among those who joined in the movement include Sharifah Sakinah, popular local TV actress who supported the campaign by taking over the shift of her domestic helper; DJ Phei Yong and DJ Dina Nadzir, radio personalities from MY and ERA who showed their support by standing in for other Muslim radio announcers to carry out their evening shifts; Lucas Lau and Faar Ain, local social media influencers who also offered their kindness to their Muslim friends to temporarily take over their shifts while enabling their Muslim friends to have a quick and meaningful Iftar before continuing their shifts.

SNICKERS Memahami_Image 1‘SNICKERS Memahami’ (SNICKERS Understands) was first launched in 2017 with the aim to promote empathy and tolerance during the holy month of Ramadan. This year, in efforts to convey the meaningful message to Malaysians, the campaign began by featuring a short story showcasing Malaysians who willingly took over their Muslim colleagues’ shifts to allow them have a meaningful Iftar with their loved ones this Ramadan.


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