Venture into Braun Buffel’s “Holiday World” to Uncover the Mystery and Joy of the Season

It’s time to leave your everyday life behind to uncover the mystery and joy of the season! With a spirit of comfort and spontaneity, Braun Büffel’s latest campaign “Holiday World” has ventured into the magical sphere of nature, where the season’s child-like excitement and festive chaos have inspired a series of giftable clutches, purses and backpacks, along with other selected styles from the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection.

The campaign tells a dual story – the calmness and comfortable predictability of one’s home contrasted with the mystery and spontaneity of the outdoors. The Braun Büffel man and woman is comfortable within this duality, able to both exist in the sphere of organized living while venturing into the unknown.


From now until 2nd January 2022, each boutique is transformed into a Braun Büffel “Holiday World”, a festive chaotic space that showcases the latest collections in a clear to gradient perspective. Featuring the brand’s limited-edition red packaging throughout, the brand’s boutiques in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Pyramid and 1 Utama also houses a special ornament station where customers will be able to customise their very own Braun Büffel Holiday World ornaments and a leather craftsman station to personalise their purchases during the campaign.

Customers will be able to enjoy festive promotions both online and in-store, with special promo codes for the first 1,000 customers scattered throughout Braun Büffel’s social media platforms that provide additional discounts.

To further bring festive chaos to its customers, Braun Büffel has also released a special Augmented Reality (AR) filter on Instagram with a ‘Blink to Win Challenge’, where challengers can stand to win weekly a Braun Büffel bag of their choice from now until 26th December 2021.


The “Micro/Macro” Fall/Winter 2021 Collection explores the principle of contrast, encouraging us to view the world with an ever-changing perspective and to create an infinity of patterns. The collection embraces a “Metamodernism” approach, which sees the classicism of the Italian tradition for leather goods combined with German engineering and architectural innovation, bringing the joy of getting dressed back with a range of renewed classics with a rebellion against proportions.

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