The Eyewear by David Beckham SS2021 Inspired by the Miami Lifestyle

Curated and imagined by David Beckham, who is globally recognized for his style, and developed by Safilo, the new collection of DB Eyewear by David Beckham for Spring/Summer 2021 has been inspired by the Miami Lifestyle.

Why Miami? David explained: “Miami is such a special place to me, the energy of the city is amazing and this new collection of Eyewear is inspired by that – the beautiful light, vibrant culture and diversity of its people. Miami has a unique spirit and that’s what we wanted to reflect in the Spring Summer 21 collection.”

Dedicated to a consumer interested in a classic design with an international feeling, the new Eyewear by David Beckham Collection combines an effortless British style with a sharp focus on detail and functionality, with a complete offer of sunglasses and optical frames. The collection features the highest quality materials, subtle masculine design, exquisite craftsmanship and distinctive details, all highlighted by an elegant color palette.

The sunglasses assure the maximum quality of vision, thanks to the superior lenses, including polarized lenses, perfectly suitable for an active lifestyle as they shield eyes from intense sun glare; orange lenses ensuring crystal clear vision in all conditions, either on overcast days or indoors; photochromic lenses, able to adjust their level of tint as the light conditions change, thus allowing the use from morning till night, wherever you are in the world, whatever the occasion.

The Eyewear by David Beckham Collection features the distinctive Talisman, the iconic detail drawing inspiration from the wings of a bird and symbolizing power, protection and freedom, designed to be visible from the front and the side of the eyewear as a distinctive character of Eyewear by David Beckham, while the DB monogram is lasered on the frontal lens and the vintage-inspired pattern (vclines) is chiseled inside the arms of the metal styles or engraved on the inner part of the tips.

The Eyewear by David Beckham Collection for Spring/Summer 2021 is already available worldwide in selected eyewear stores starting February 2021. Follow @dbeyewear on instagram and for more details of the collection.

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