Skechers X Reality To Idea Collection Brings 2D Pop-art Sketches to Life

The latest collection of Skechers with Los Angeles-based visual artist Joshua Vides, Skechers X Reality To Idea, brings 2D pop-art sketches to life, inspired by black-and-white sketch illusions for an edgy street look.

The Skechers X Reality To Idea collection features a range of footwear, apparel and accessories for both men and women in a monochromatic colour palette, including a unique transparent panelled design for the sneakers.

Joshua’s art style focuses on creating an alternate reality of making real-life objects appear as monochromatic drawings, giving the visual illusion of transforming 3D shapes into 2D works of art. The Skechers X Reality To Idea collection is thus inspired by this art concept, featuring sketch lines and black-and-white design elements across the various footwear, apparel and bag styles.

The Skechers X Reality To Idea Collection is available now at selected Skechers concept stores, and via Skechers on Lazada and Skechers on Shopee as well as on Skechers website at

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