Tarik Jeans Breaks Taboo With Limited Edition Anjing T-Shirt

Always one to make a statement, Tarik Jeans, Malaysia’s own fashion wild child has unveiled its limited edition Year of the Dog T-Shirts just in time for Chinese New Year. Bringing forth three new designs namely the Anjing (Dog), Matrix Logo and Mamak Salmon Tees, the offerings are surefire way to slay as you make your way to open houses (because who wants to stuff their face in full on CNY outfit anyway?).

Now let’s talk about the conversation piece: the Anjing T-Shirt. Aside from the obvious reference to 2018 being the Year of the Dog, the Anjing is depicted to symbolize a more serious underlying issue when it comes to dog touching. Created with the thought of breaking the stigma, it’s what you wear and the message that goes along with it is Tarik’s way of communicating with the audience. And the message was simple: to love animals.

Each shirt is up for grabs at RM89 each and can be purchased via Tarik Jeans’ website, Tiga Moto Supply at Gasket Alley and Major Drop outlets. There’s also a special package discount for those who wishes to purchase all three T-Shirts for RM245 (online exclusive).


Photo-17-01-2018-11-28-35-PMPhoto-18-01-2018-12-15-56-AMPhoto-18-01-2018-12-36-24-AMPhoto-18-01-2018-12-51-22-AMPhoto-18-01-2018-12-47-52-AMPhoto-18-01-2018-12-41-50-AMBe part of Tarik Jeans’ Malaya squad on Instagram and Facebook by following them at @tarikjeans.

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