Tangoo’s Exotic Eclecticism II: A Global Fusion of Fashion and Art

On November 14th, the vibrant stage of Maristar Starhill KL transformed into a captivating showcase of cultural fusion and artistic innovation as local fashion brand Tangoo presented its electrifying EXOTIC ECLECTICISM II fashion show.

Group photo of Eric Yeong and Moses Law, founders of Tangoo, along with Elizabeth Marini, co-founder of The Marini’s Group, and the models.

Under the visionary guidance of Eric Yeong and Moses Law, Tangoo masterfully wove together a tapestry of global inspirations, transporting the audience into a mesmerizing realm where fashion became a vibrant form of artistic expression. The runway, adorned with delicate imprints and vibrant hues, served as a portal where cultures and styles intertwined, creating a spectacle that dazzled and enchanted.

Tangoo’s designs embodied a harmonious blend of bold patterns, luxurious textiles, and daring color palettes, each piece meticulously crafted to tell a unique story of the world’s collective heritage. The collection exuded an exotic allure, drawing inspiration from distant lands and unexplored cultures, inviting the audience on an unforgettable journey of sartorial exploration.

Discover Tangoo’s latest collection at its boutique in One Utama Shopping Centre, F208, Level 1.

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