Triumph’s wonderful new Light Fascination collection has arrived just in time to freshen women up for the warmer months, bringing with it all the confidence-inspiring benefits of super-breathable, lightweight fabrics and design excellence.


Lovingly crafted to promise the highest comfort levels, this superb Summer 2017 range is everything your favourite lingerie should be, sensuously surrounding your body in extremely lightweight, perfectly fitting support, airy comfort and fresh beauty.


The latest collection from Triumph is purposely designed to beat the heat and let you enjoy a fresher, breezier, more pleasurable experience. The new collection boasts Triumph’s star products, including Body Make-Up Light that possesses renowned ‘second skin’ fit and smooth finish, Magic Boost Light that features new breathable cups and super light fabric and Shape Sensation Light with the comfort of increased breathability and a light airy feel, each series thoughtfully designed to impart specific features depending on the wearer’s needs.

In celebration of the upcoming Raya, Triumph is giving 9 lucky winners a chance to win a Forever Mark Diamond pendent worth RM6,000 each from Diamond & Platinum with just a minimum spend of RM500. The contest is available across all Triumph counters and Boutiques. Winners will be picked by a random draw by Triumph representatives.

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