PUMA’s Car Club Event Revs Up Southeast Asia

Rev up your engines and buckle up, because PUMA’s debut Car Club event in Southeast Asia took the fast lane to success at the Sentul Depot in Kuala Lumpur. This high-octane extravaganza seamlessly blended Motorsport, style, entertainment, and even gastronomy, igniting a blaze of passion that left attendees on the edge of their seats.

PUMA’s inaugural car club event in SEA was a roaring success!

PUMA, known for its “Forever Faster” mantra, zoomed into the world of Motorsport, proving that speed and style can go hand in hand. The event roared with the spirit of innovation and dynamism, showcasing PUMA’s dedication to the fast-paced world of racing.

Graffiti yard
The PlayStation booths turned many into racers for the day with gripping racing games

Right from the starting line, attendees were catapulted into a realm of racing exhilaration and high-speed excitement. The event’s action-packed itinerary featured a range of adrenaline-pumping activities and electric performances, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the thrilling universe of PUMA’s Motorsport world.

The atmosphere was electric with the sounds of Malaysia’s iconic rock band Pop Shuvit
Malaysia’s hottest dance crew Zeppo Youngsterz
Singaporean actor, musician, and dancer Tosh Zhang, alongside Malaysia’s hottest dance crew Ze

The star of the show? None other than Choo Sung-hoon, fondly known as Sexyama, who revved up the crowd as PUMA’s SEA Motorsport Ambassador. His dynamic presence electrified fans and attendees alike, bridging the gap between the intensity of MMA and the adrenaline-fueled world of racing. Choo’s journey symbolized the fusion of athleticism, entertainment, and the unstoppable “Forever Faster” spirit.

Choo Sung-hoon a.k.a Sexyama makes his special appearance at the inaugural PUMA Car Club Event

Leaders from the PUMA Car Club community of Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia also joined the celebration, embodying the union of passion and commerce. These trailblazing figures showcased the potent blend of community spirit and business acumen.

Choo Sung-hoon a.k.a Sexyama and PUMA Management Team


Choo Sung-hoon a.k.a Sexyama and PUMA Friends

More than a showcase of new apparel, PUMA’s maiden Car Club event embodied their vision and unwavering dedication to Motorsport. As the world hurtles forward, PUMA promises to remain “Forever Faster,” dictating the pace in style, performance, and unrelenting passion.

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