Coca-Cola and Win Metawin Share a Recipe for Magic

Coca-Cola and its ASEAN Brand Ambassador Win Metawin have teamed up to create a heartwarming film that celebrates the magic of shared meals. The film, titled “Recipe for Magic,” is available to watch on the official Coca-Cola channels and Win’s Instagram profile.

The film follows Win as he prepares a home-cooked pizza for his siblings. The film captures the joy and excitement of cooking for loved ones, as well as the importance of mealtimes as a time to connect and bond.

“I have many fond memories that involve me and my siblings, hungrily waiting for a pizza delivery while sharing a Coke,” says Win. “So, fast forward to the ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to recreate those personal moments of happiness.”

The film ends with Win and his siblings sharing a delicious pizza and a refreshing Coca-Cola. The scene is a reminder that even the simplest of meals can be magical when shared with loved ones.

To watch the film, visit the official Coca-Cola channels or Win’s Instagram profile. You can also follow Coca-Cola on social media for more updates and glimpses into more heartwarming moments.

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