Pomelo Unveils Second Collab Collection With Smiley

Following the successful first collaboration in 2019, Pomelo teamed up with renowned lifestyle brand The Smiley Company for the second time to release an exclusive new collection inspired by ’70s pop culture and expressive streetwear. The 27-piece Pomelo X Smiley collection captures the message of youthful, freedom, positivity and happiness — a perfect reminder for us to lift our spirits towards brighter days ahead.

Designed in-house by the Pomelo fashion team, the Pomelo X Smiley collection takes inspiration from 70s elements with simple bold graphics to bring a cheerful twist to your everyday monochromatic wardrobe. Express your mood without saying a word through a range of fun and quirky fits that includes hats, tote bags, graphic tees and denim jackets that are emblazoned with the iconic emoji. Must-have items include the graphic hologram hoodie, colourful striped tee and wide leg belted jeans.

The Pomelo X Smiley collection has been launched on July 15 and is exclusively available at POMELOFASHION.COM and on the Pomelo App.

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