Maje Unveils a Bold Lunar New Year Capsule Collection for the Year of the Dragon

As fiery dragons dance across the Lunar New Year horizon, Maje awakens the spirit of this mythical beast with a capsule collection that’s nothing short of a roar, injecting boldness and a whisper of Asian flair into their signature Parisian chic.

Imagine soft pink jackets, blooming with delicate floral embroidery, dancing alongside monogrammed denim jeans – a touch of East-meets-West cool. Oversized silhouettes in light tweed offer nonchalant elegance, while a black faux leather mini-skirt injects urban energy, ready to turn heads at any New Year’s gathering.

And then there’s the fuchsia – a burst of colour as vibrant as the dragon’s fiery breath, splashed across t-shirts adorned with rhinestone dragons, a playful wink to tradition with a modern twist.

So, step into the new year with Maje. Let the dragon’s energy ignite your wardrobe, and unleash your own inner fire. Available now in-store at Suria KLCC and the newly opened store in The Exchange TRX mall.

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