Swarovski Welcomes the Year of the Dragon with Glistening Splendor

Swarovski welcomes the Lunar New Year with a radiant celebration of the majestic dragon, a symbol of strength, good fortune, and prosperity with a vibrant array of new collections. Bursting with vibrant crystals and auspicious symbols, these new pieces are infused with auspicious symbols and sparkling delight that promise good fortune and prosperity, adding a touch of magic to the new year.

Dragon & Phoenix Collection

Inspired by powerful Chinese symbols, the new collection features majestic dragons and graceful phoenixes crafted in shimmering Swarovski crystals. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings showcase the Pointiage and Dancing Stone techniques, creating mesmerising reflections of light. Lucky coins and unique blends of pearls add to the auspicious charm.

Zodiac Dragon Collection

Embrace the joyful spirit of the Dragon with dynamic mini dragons and gleaming lucky coins. Delicately set Swarovski Crystals bring these necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to life. Asymmetrical designs and playful details capture the essence of the season, while gold-tone plating and colorful crystals add a touch of regality.

Iconic Swan Collection

A symbol of love and beauty, the Swarovski swan takes flight with renewed vitality in this celebratory collection. Red crystal pave and elegant pearls adorn necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, offering a vibrant and glamorous choice for the new year.

Crystal Rock Oval Watch Collection

Embrace auspicious red and welcome well-being with this limited-edition watch featuring a striking crystal design.

Home Collection Collection

Light up your home with playful dragon figurines and ornaments crafted in auspicious red and yellow. The adorable Pixiu holding a coin symbolizes wealth and joy, while the soaring golden dragon with a red bead represents power and good fortune.

Witness breathtaking craftsmanship with the limited-edition Dragon and Dragon & Phoenix Myriads. Meticulously crafted with thousands of crystals, these masterpieces capture the majesty and sacredness of these mythical creatures.

Discover the Year of the Dragon collections online and in Swarovski stores.

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