It is time to stop wondering how to level up your fashion accessories, and start wearing it! As fashion collective is always at the forefront of the latest trends, this is the fashion accessories that seems to be hot-footing around recently. Say hello to this particular accessory that will level up your fashion game in a second! Read more.

If you want to know what cool kids are wearing, look no further to velvet socks this year! Socks and heels are one of those trends that have been popping up in street style circles forever, but this time round we believe you will change the thought!

Velvet Socks is a high-quality product made in Germany. Born with the idea of wearing luxurious feet, Simone Wild was launched in 2016. These colourful accessories look very elegant yet it will make you feel cosy at the same time.

With her background in tailoring, fashion design and solid experience as a buyer for contemporary fashion, she creates perfect fitting socks in different sizes and in huge colour range. Therefore, you can already image that their velvet socks is always out of stock! Do check them out regularly.

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