HSBC and Pestle & Mortar Clothing Collaborate to Convert Deaf Artist’s Canvas Artwork into Limited-Edition Modern Batik Wear

As the country celebrates its 64th Merdeka amidst the ongoing hardships with the battle against COVID-19, HSBC Malaysia in collaboration with homegrown clothing brand, Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC), helping in converting the canvas artwork of deaf artist, Lim Anuar into limited edition modern batik wear.

Malaysian Artist, Lim Anuar

Born deaf, Lim Anuar began drawing as a hobby and eventually turned into a full-fledged career in the art field. From ad hoc paintings, Lim Anuar steadily became an art producer at ARTDeaf, a studio and organisation featuring deaf artisans, where he produces visual arts and illustrations from concept sketch ideas to final artworks for art exhibitions. When the pandemic hit, Lim Anuar was among the hundreds of artists whose livelihood were affected. During the difficult time, Lim Anuar began auctioning his artwork via several online platforms and even entered numerous art competitions in hopes of winning cash prizes. Despite the pivot, sales of his artwork were still hard to come by as art was not enough of a necessity for people to spend on.

Upon hearing of Lim Anuar’s challenges, HSBC identified an avenue within homegrown brand PMC to generate wider awareness for Lim Anuar’s artwork. In helping the artist pivot and driving the appreciation of batik, the bank commissioned Lim Anuar to design a unity-themed batik artwork and enlisted PMC’s help to digitise the designs into a Merdeka-edition apparel. Through this feature, Lim Anuar’s speciality of batik artwork is highlighted across a set of custom-designed garments in tandem with PMC’s Malaysia Month Collection. The collection will feature 16 items, with Lim Anuar’s custom batik artwork on 3 of them.

Limited-Edition PMC by Lim Anuar Capsule

This limited-edition clothing line labelled PMC by Lim Anuar goes on sale Merdeka Day, on 31st August 2021, and will be exclusively available on PMC’s website. Purchasing these specially designed batik apparels is one way to proudly celebrate Malaysian heritage and at the same time help contribute to Lim Anuar’s livelihood as all proceeds generated from the sales of the special capsule will be channeled back to Lim Anuar.

To support and purchase the limited-edition PMC by Lim Anuar capsule, visit

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