Fiziwoo Studio Unveils Riviera Raya: A Breezy Escape for Raya 2024

Renowned Malaysian fashion house Fiziwoo Studio celebrates a decade of creating Raya collections with a refreshing twist on tradition: the Riviera Raya Lebaran Collection 2024. Drawing inspiration from the captivating charm of the Mediterranean, this stunning new collection, under their diffusion line, offers a unique take on festive wear.

Riviera Raya captures the spirit of relaxation and vacation. Fusing the elegance of traditional Raya clothing with the carefree spirit of a Mediterranean getaway, it invites wearers to embrace a sense of wanderlust during the festive season. The collection draws upon Malaysia’s own coastal beauty, infusing traditional Raya attire with breezy silhouettes and a touch of wanderlust.

Marking a special 10th anniversary, Fiziwoo Studio proudly introduces its first-ever Raya muse: the esteemed Ruhainies. Embodying the brand’s signature grace and elegance, Ruhainies perfectly captures the essence of the Riviera Raya collection.

The Riviera Raya color palette caters to diverse tastes. From soft pastels and earthy tones to vibrant jewel hues, the collection reflects the rich diversity of Malaysian landscapes. Fiziwoo’s signature polycotton blend fabrics remain a staple, while new additions like guipure lace add a touch of soft femininity and woven jacquard provides a bold, contemporary look for Raya day.

The Riviera Raya Collection is available for purchase online at and at the Fiziwoo Studio boutique store located at KL East Mall.

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