Dance with the Dragon: Coach’s Lunar New Year Celebration with Lian Yang

As the Lunar New Year drums beat and the Year of the Dragon ascends, Coach invites you to embrace the season’s vibrant spirit with a collection that dances with tradition and audacity. In a collaboration with renowned artist Lian Yang, Coach unveils a capsule, “Dance with the Dragon”, that’s as much a celebration of heritage as it is a daring declaration of style.

Yang’s brushstrokes, steeped in the ancient art of Chinese rock painting, weave their magic across iconic Coach silhouettes. The quilted Tabby whispers secrets of luck in cloud patterns, the Bandit bursts with the lotus’s blooming hope, and the Sammy shimmers with dragon scales that whisper tales of strength and courage. Each piece is a canvas, where Yang’s artistry and Coach’s craftsmanship intertwine in a tapestry of stunning detail.

But the true star of the show is the dragon, a mythical symbol of power and optimism that takes centre stage in Yang’s expressive renditions. Embroidered on leather jackets, dancing across sweaters, and glinting on dragon-shaped pendants, the dragon becomes your personal talisman, urging you to face the new year with fiery confidence.

The collection is a symphony of colours and textures, where the auspicious red of prosperity punctuates the canvas. From the buttery softness of glove-tanned leather to the playful prints on cozy sweaters, each piece whispers an invitation to embrace the joyous spirit of the season.

This Lunar New Year, step into the spotlight adorned with Coach’s “Year of the Dragon” collection. Let the dragon’s fire illuminate your path, and step into the new year with a bold roar and a heart full of vibrant dreams.

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