Carlo Rino’s Journey of Wonder: A Preppy Affair with a Touch of Magic

Carlo Rino recently transformed its Mid Valley Boutique into a hub of preppy fashion and artistic flair during the brand’s Journey of Wonder event, showcasing their stylish Autumn/Winter 2023 collections. From the elegant Curva Collection to the nostalgic Denim Staple Collection and the enchanting Harry Potter Special Edition, Carlo Rino unveiled a treasure trove of trendy designs that captured the essence of the season.

Curva Collection

The Curva Collection, with its flowing curves and enlarged CR logo, exuded an aura of sophistication and timeless elegance. The Curva Top Handle Medium Crossbody, carried by the lovely Jasmine Suraya, became the event’s highlight, epitomizing the collection’s refined aesthetic.

Denim Staple Collection

Denim lovers rejoiced with the Denim Staple Collection, a nod to the Y2K era with its unique blend of denim and quilted patterns. This collection infused a touch of nostalgia and trendy appeal, captivating guests with its youthful energy.

The reimagined Prism Collection introduced a fresh perspective on Carlo Rino’s signature Ruby accessories. The Prism design, now integrated into the Ruby pieces, created a unique and eye-catching look. Qiu Wen, adorned with the newly designed Prism Collection, exuded elegance and style.

Harry Potter fans were spellbound by the Harry Potter Special Edition, a collaboration between Carlo Rino, Warner Brothers, and The Wizarding World. This collection brought the magic and nostalgia of the beloved series to life, offering fans a chance to incorporate the charm of the wizarding world into their wardrobes.

Malaysia’s influencers, including Jasmine Suraya, Qiu Wen, Gigi Cheoh, Saidah Kamarudin, and others, graced the event, adding their charm and personal style to the preppy and fun atmosphere.

From left to right: Sherlyn Heon, Gigi Cheoh, Ashley Lim, Merrie Tew, Miki Tew, Gennie & Mimsiey

Guests were treated to a vibrant and artsy experience as they witnessed live Acrylic Painting on special Carlo Rino gift boxes. This fun-filled activity, skillfully orchestrated by a local artist, added an extra layer of excitement and creativity to the event.

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