Canvasing Borneo Tribal Motives Into A Cool Fashion Wear

When opening your closet, one should have at least a piece of a traditional inspired shirt, dress or anything related to that widely used without exception during related functions. Batik included.

Here comes another must have for your consideration. The Borneo tribal motives are so distinctive that it can put you on the spotlight, even if you don’t want to – given at the right time and place. The design is artistically bold and rounded sometimes, and blended either in mono colors or vibrant. And yes, that is when the spotlight goes after you.

The emerging market for tribal and traditional wear for fashion is so fast thanks to a few notable fashion entrepreneurs who want to go far. Not to be niche, but to further propel the tribal and traditional wear to a wider market. We see this in Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia and of course nothing less is to shout about our fellow countrymen.

BORNEONATIVE™ is very straight forward with its approach, glorifying the richness of Borneo, its amazing wildlife, devotion to design and the artist’s imagination. The whole ideation of BORNEONATIVE™ came to life through Allen Ling, an Iban native from Kuching, Sarawak who conceptualize this fashionable native street wear after realizing that it was difficult to source for wearable, modern and trendy clothing’s with Borneo inspired designs.

What makes BORNEONATIVE™ a stand out is that Allen and his team carefully decides on the collections based upon the stories assembles from the various native folklore and inspiration through distinctive native patterns like the Iban’s pua kumbuand tattoo motives, the Orang Ulu trees of life and handicraft design from the Penantribe.

From these inspirations, comes the ideation to blend them into a wearable collection with a modern contemporary touch. BORNEONATIVE™ plays around with colors and graphics which builds up to its fashion identity. And keeping with that, the choice of fabrics used are usually between gloss and polyester based or a mixed between cotton and polyester.

By now you maybe intrigue by the colorful images from the BORNEONATIVE™ collections where you just have enough from men and women, from shirts to jackets, pants, dresses and even accessories like bags, neckties, shoes and sandals. All this you can visit and check out at

BORNEONATIVE™ was recently spotted on the runway at Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 and Miss Grand Malaysia 2019.

Alta Moda Sarawak 2019

Final verdict, it does not hurt to have at least a piece of a beautiful Borneo tribal fashion wear. And secondly, it is high time for us to show some support for our local fashion entrepreneurs especially when they are worth it.

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