Chinese New Year has always about being reunited with your loved ones, family and friends gathering under one roof to share meals, life and laughter.

As our daily lives are taken over by modern technology, it started to raise concerns that it would eventually result in the lost of that personal human touch. However, this short film by James Lee analyses a different point of view from the perspective of a young boy.

The film starts off with a boy sitting in front of a piano while flipping through a photo album, looking at old discoloured family portraits trying to figure out who the people in the photos are. He goes around the house from one room to another seeking answers from his family members who all seems to be preoccupied with their electronic gadgets. Every time that the is denied the answers he’s looking for, we learn more about the family through his monologues. Then finally the whole family is seated at the dinning table for supper, when the family dinner is disrupted by… Well, click on the link to find out what happens next ūüėČ

The short film is entitled ‘The Family Portrait’ and is brought to you by Microsoft Malaysia as a part of their Project Family.