Why We Do Most Of Our Beauty Shopping Online

Gen-Y​ Is​ ​Shaping​ ​Up​ ​Savvy​ ​Beauty​ ​Shopping​ In​ ​Malaysia-Pamper.my

Did you know that Gen-Y and millennials do more shopping online compared to their predecessors? This shift in consumer trend is what drew the beauty market to head to online platforms lately. Which is why shopping online has never been more convenient these days.

Gen-Y Is Shaping Up Savvy Beauty Shopping In Malaysia-Pamper.myAccording to the study ‘Decoding Malaysian Digital DNA’ by EY, Gen-Y is the highest population who are digitally savvy while 83% of Malaysians agree that they will research online about a product before purchase. Another 59% does the same while in-store or at the point of purchase. Gen-Y — a category comprising of school leavers, college students or newly working adults — is considered a generation of savvy shoppers who are always on the lookout for a good deal or discount. We can’t agree more!

A beauty and cosmetics centric study by A.T. Kearney reveals that beauty brands are now
adapting to the digital market for its significant share of supply demand. Sephora Malaysia, for instance, is an outstanding example that reaches the market through mobile app and web store on top of having a physical store. Tarte, for example, a beauty line founded in a one-bedroom apartment, grossed at $12M in just five years since joining Sephora. Cosmetic companies like L’Oréal also report that 75% of online sales come from partnering e-shops, while the rest comes from its own brand site. Interestingly, the study finds that deals offered online is a factor for increased online purchases in the past few years. Almost 95% of online beauty shoppers find it important to look out for best prices before making a purchase.

Gen-Y Is Shaping Up Savvy Beauty Shopping In Malaysia-Pamper.my
Sephora Malaysia’s online store.

From a shopper’s perspective, such collaborations allow access to multiple choices of beauty products as well as discount offers. Online sales events become the most awaited periods for online shoppers to get the best products at its best price.

Sephora’s one of biggest online sales event is Black Friday which started in year 2013
nationwide. It is a 24-hours price mark down period where online shoppers get the most of
deals and discounts on various beauty products. In the past four years, Sephora shoppers
looking for Black Friday deals has been growing immensely with an average over 300 per cent.

According to Black-Friday.sale, an aggregated platform for e-tailers participating in Black Friday identified that Sephora’s popularity for Black Friday 2016 grew at 400% compared to its previous year. The event was a hit that Sephora is already working to make this year’s deal even better. So for this year, Sephora’s e-shoppers can start the countdown to November 24th to get the best beauty bargains for brands like Zoeva, Benefit Cosmetics and Sephora Collections.

Gen-Y Is Shaping Up Savvy Beauty Shopping In Malaysia-Pamper.my
Image: ca.finance.yahoo.com

How do deal hunters shop on Sephora?


The numbers show that mobile is predominant for e-shopping (57.35%), followed by desktop (40.21%) and tablet (2.44%). Users browsing from desktop use mostly Google Chrome (52.25%), Safari (41.95%), and Firefox (3.55%), While the remainder of the distribution (2.55%) goes to other browsers including Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera.
The mobile distribution is led by Apple, where the consumers choose to browse with Iphones and iPads (68.9%) and Samsung (15.02%). Which makes it over 4 times more users from Apple than Samsung. The rest of the distribution goes to other brands like HuaWei, OPPO, Asus, and etc.

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