Whether you were the geek who sat in the first row of the class, eagerly raising and waiving your hand as to be called by the teacher to solve a mathematical problem on the blackboard; the mischievous troublemaker who was always up to no good, secretly plotting the next prank to be pulled on your classmates; the athletic jock who was always the center of attention around the school compound; or just the timid introvert who spent most of the time blending in and hiding in an isolated corner of the classroom; whoever you were, you have a story worth tellling. And these stories, or these memories to be exact, are what The Dream Boyz is all about.

The Dream Boyz Movie Poster

The Dream Boyz is another proud release by SKT Media & Entertainment Group, RAM Entertainment and MBI International. It will take you back to the years you’ve spent in those faded school uniforms. Whether a willing or a reluctant passenger, you can’t help put be pulled into a journey of self-discovery, recollecting bits and pieces of yourself within and beyond the four walls of high school. It makes no difference whether you were a nerd, a jock, or even the school bully, you will find yourself deep in reminiscence. The different characters in the movie will firmly grab hold of your hand and guide you down memory lane, up till the very end of the show when you will walk out of the cinema with a pocketful of nostalgia.

The director, Ryon Lee, seems to have the unique talent of taking things that are unconventionally funny, and turning them into scenes that will definitely ensue hilarity. You can rest assured that there’s not a single dull moment throughout the film as every scene will either make you smile, laugh, cry or shed tears of joy.

The film features a solid cast of vibrant local talents, such as Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong, Qie Wang, Eric Lin, Joe Chang, Rays Lim, as well as the musical duo Fuying & Sam.

This young and talented group of actors did not disappoint as they managed to deliver quite the memorable performance, by bringing their respective characters to live. Not to mention the undeniable chemistry within the group that makes each and every scene that much more believable and entertaining.

The film starts with one of our lead, sitting on the cold cement floor of his run down flat, attempting suicide by slicing his wrist. We then learn that life has taken its toll on him as adulthood was not what it cracked up to be. This is when his high school memories came knocking on his door, literally. Not only is The Dream Boyz highly entertaining, it also raises many interesting themes and issues, such as friendship, dream VS reality, re-examine our overly academic-driven school culture and social priorities, racial harmony, common values and more. Being a Malaysian, especially members of the Generation Y, you will have no problem relating to the film.

With that being said, it’s about time that we have a local production that is capable of representing us and perfectly depicts how it’s like growing up in this country. Skeptics are bound to compare and measure The Dream Boyz to a Taiwanese production that is of the similar genre, but will soon realize that not only is this local production comparable to any foreign Chinese films, it may also be the beginning of a new chapter for locally produced Chinese films in the international film industry.

The Dream Boyz premiers in cinemas nationwide on 12 February 2015.

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