#PamperGirlPowerTalks: ONE Championship Fighter, Jihin Radzuan’s Journey To ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY

#QuickChatwithPamper: ONE Championship Fighter, Jihin Radzuan's Journey To ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY-Pamper.my

Have you met Jihin Radzuan?

She’s trained in the arts of Wushu and Muay Thai and at the age of 19, she has bagged a wushu world championship and is competing in her first match at ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY this 9th March 2018 at Axiata Arena Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

Her first exposure to martial arts was a brief stint training in Silat when she was 6 years old but at the age of 15, she was deeply inspired when she saw a Korean reality show featuring a professional female martial artist, Song Ka Yeon, and instantly knew that was what she wanted to do.

Radzuan immediately set about searching for a place to train, and soon discovered the Ultimate MMA Academy, which was fortunately quite close to her home. Her sister paid for her first registration fees as a birthday present, and after just three months of training, she competed in Muay Thai for the first time. Driven by a hunger to compete, she followed that up with bouts in wushu, BJJ, kickboxing, and boxing.

We got to have a #PamperGirlPowerTalks with Jihin to learn more about her training regime and inspirations to get to where she is today.

#QuickChatwithPamper: ONE Championship Fighter, Jihin Radzuan's Journey To ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY-Pamper.my1.How is your preparation like for your first fight with ONE Championship? What is your routine to get yourself mentally and physically prepared for the match?

Basically, I will go to gym after work at 6pm and spend about 20 minutes on running/jogging. After that, I will do some Strength and Conditioning exercises followed by Grappling, Pad Work and Sparring trainings.

2. What is your advice for other young women or women who are interested to learn MMA but lack of confidence to try it?

When you learn martial arts, you will build your confidence from there. When it comes to martial arts, you will have to be daring to try and don’t be afraid of getting hurt or injured, same it applies to other sports such as netball, hockey so on. You will gain your confidence from there.

3. Who do you admire or take inspiration from to become a fighter like you are today?

There was this one time that I saw this MMA Korean fighter, Song Ga-Yeon on TV which then introduced me to try-out mixed martial arts. It’s love at the first sight between me and martial arts.

Credits: thefightnation.com
Credits: thefightnation.com

When I first started training in MMA, I wasn’t aware that my coach is actually a pro fighter. At the same time, he’s also a teacher at school and I really do admire how he can manage himself other than handling both his students at school and gym.

4. As a fighter, what is your beauty regime to yourself looking good especially for skin and body?

I do not have any particular beauty regime to keep myself in good shape other than just using basic skin care. I believe one’s beauty comes naturally when you do sports or exercise as it will help to burn your fats and eliminate toxins through sweat.

#QuickChatwithPamper: ONE Championship Fighter, Jihin Radzuan's Journey To ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY-Pamper.my5. What are your three must-have beauty products?

Lip balm, day cream and lotion.

#QuickChatwithPamper: ONE Championship Fighter, Jihin Radzuan's Journey To ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY-Pamper.my6. If you have to recommend one form of martial arts to start with, which will it be?

For girls or women, I would encourage them to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) not just for professional fights but also for self-defence. Like ground positions will teach you on how best to respond to harassment. Also, not just BJJ, any martial arts would be good for you to learn to defend yourself.

Catch Jihin Radzuan in the ring at ONE: VISIONS OF VICTORY this 9th March 2018! Tickets are available at www.onefc.com.

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