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What Would Happen If You Didn’t Drink Water?

Water IS life. You know that feeling when you’re extremely parched and just can’t think of anything else to quench your thirst but a nice glass of ice cold water? That’s because your body NEEDS water. There’s no other way around it.

Water helps life survive and thrive and the majority of our body is made up of water, it’s amazing we aren’t drinking more of it considering what can happen if we don’t drink enough water.

Image: thesun.co.uk
Image: thesun.co.uk
We rely on it to lubricate our joints, regulate temperature and to care for the brain and spinal cord.
Without enough water, we’d be dry, unfocused, unenergized and creaky. Before you start chugging from the tap, consider this: Water is naturally a great hydrator, but other beverages like coffee and tea and water-dense foods like fresh fruit and veggies are great sources of hydration too (and they also provide other crucial nutrients, to boot).

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