As much as we all know, our Instagram accounts are usually flooded with food that is high in cholesterol, sugars, and fats. If you are following food blogger and food enthusiast, you will probably know how it feels. Recently, we have found out what you need to know about calories that will surprise you.

If you do follow this fitness blogger Lucy Mountain, fitness blogger and creator of the Instagram account theFFFeed, has exposed another issue with counting calories.

In all of the photos, you will notice that the number of calories in food or drinks are different. When you know how to choose and control the portion of the food per serving, you will realize the number of calories can cut up in half. For instance, if you notice on the pictures, you can realize that a tweak of snack to fruit will change the calorie intake per portion. That is why we need to think wisely and eat consciously and taking into account what’s on your plate and cup.

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