Believe or not, there are some mother who doesn’t like to receive gift on Mother’s Day or any special occasion. This is because they don’t wish to spend your hard earn money to buy an expensive stuff on a special day. In fact, there are some ways that you can pamper your mother without buying them a gift too.

1. Cook A Meal


When was the last time you preparing a meal for your mom? Why don’t spend a day buying groceries and ingredients with your mother and prepare a hearty dinner for them. We believe your mom will appreciate it a lot and enjoy the time spend with you.

2. Go To Yoga Class Together


If your mother like fitness, spend a few hours with them to join a yoga class together. Stretching might be a fun activity for both of you. After the class, head over to enjoy healthier brunch or order a cup of coffee to have a great talk.

3. Homemade gift


Make is own gift is another great idea too. You can opt for a perfume, mist, soap or anything that you are familiar with. As long as it is homemade, your mom will feel the love from you. If you more into cooking, bake a cake or tart for them would be great too.

Image: Spa Week Daily
Image: Spa Week Daily

4. Spa Time

Okay, maybe go spa session once a while would be a great experience. You can choose to bring your mother to any spa centre or massage centre to be pampered for a few hours and relax together. It helps to release stress and soothe your mind too.

5. Personal time

If your mother is a full time wife, maybe giving her a week to relax and rest can really help her to relax and enjoy her ‘me’ time. Without having to concern about the house chores or preparing meal for the kids, your mom can spend her time to do some activities that she personally would like to do.

After all, Mother’s Day is not about spending money to buy expensive things for your mother. We should to accompany her to do more activities on daily basis too.

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