NarcissusThe Narcissus, also known as daffodils is popular because of its beauty, symbolic meaning and its healing properties. It’s a spring-flowering bulb that is more commonly found in white or yellow, one of the rare plant species that survives the harshest winter. The Narcissus develops from the bulb which stores nutrients and sufficient water required for the development of the stem and flowers.

Out of the 60 types of Narcissus plants, Mamonde has identified two species – the Dutch Master and the Erlicheer for its water storage power and water circulation power respectively. Through research and understanding the nature of the Narcissus, Mamonde found an ingenious use for the Narcissus bulb in the improved Mamonde Floral Hydro line. The Narcissus bulb which has remarkable water storage power also offers molecular hyaluronic acid for better absorption and deep hydration of the skin.

Formulated with the water that is naturally extracted from the Narcissus bulb, the Mamonde Floral Hydro line functions to moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying after washing. Developed using the Water-CycleTM, a moisture circulation system that locks-in moisture to the skin; it also sustains hydration in the skin for moisture replenishment. The moisture circulates and spreads evenly throughout the skin to avoid the skin from feeling dry or tight. Lastly, the hydration storage capability may help to keep your skin from losing its natural moisture.

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The improved Mamonde Floral Hydro line consists of the ALL-NEW Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner, Floral Hydro Emulsion, Floral Hydro Eye Gel Cream and Floral Hydro Cream.

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