When we talk about Lady Gaga, most probably everyone will think of her high-fashion outfit and heels that she wears for her concert and show. With crazy 10-inches heels, many people are wondering how can she handle it and walk it in such high heels? However, Lady Gaga had to cancel a few scheduled performances and postpone the Joanne World Tour due to the chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia. Recently, according to a series of photos and videos posted on Instagram, we believe that Lady Gaga’s recovering plan includes rest and some ‘high fashun’ workout. Ladies, you need to follow Lady Gaga’s workout to ease leg pain caused by heels.

In the first few posts, Lady Gaga and a friend pose for a mirror selfie in what appears to be a pilates studio. She was wearing a black sports bra and paired with black and hot pink leggings. She also captioned in the pic “@bjornborg #athletic fashun can happen anywhere,”

The second post is a Boomerang in which Lady Gaga is wearing the pink sweatshirt performs legs kicks, or as she calls them, “high fashun leg kicks.”

In the last post, she includes both a photo and video of Gaga holding a truly impressive headstand with her hands and head propping her up and her knees resting on the backs of her arms. “@bjornborg #fashion #yoga #gyrotonic #pilates,” she captioned the post.

According to Mayo Clinic, although exercise may be painful for those with fibromyalgia at first, doing it gradually and regularly often decreases symptoms. On top of that, walking, swimming, biking, water aerobics are some good exercises too. Do consult a physical therapist before starting any new workout routine.

Featured Image: www.affluent-media.com

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