There are so many health and nutrition products out there, don’t even mention the workout supplements that are on the shelves. How do you even begin to pick? For starts, it really depends on what you’re hoping to get out of the product you choose to consume.

For many athletes and gym-goers, performing their high-intensity workouts during their scheduled gym time is critical. But not only that, how they recover after each workout is equally important. Why? Because you need your body to recover more efficiently in order to get that body you want, and to achieve your fitness goals.


But consider this for a second, wouldn’t you want to consume products that work AND are good for you? Especially when it comes to fitness?

There’s an all natural beverage called FitAID that has been recently introduced into Malaysia that has been gaining momentum and buzz across gym-goers. And now as the Official Recovery Drink for Spartan Race Malaysia 2016, there’s even more reason for us to stand up and take notice.

What exactly is FitAID?

For starters, it is not an energy drink, and functions very differently from an isotonic drink and generic sports drinks. For starters, the drink does not contain any artificial ingredients like sucralose, aspartame, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial sweeteners.

FitAID is a natural drink, contains only 45 calories, and is packed with over 2,000 mg of active ingredients in the form of vitamins and supplements including Omega 3s, Vitamin B, C, D, Amino Acids and Glucosamine to name a few.

The list of ingredients and its benefits all in one can!
The list of ingredients and its benefits all in one can!

The unique formula was specially formulated to enhance the ten physical attributes of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, strength, power, stamina, speed, balance, accuracy, coordination, flexibility and agility.

Speaking about FitAID, Nizam Rosli, Managing Director of NS Pro said: “As Malaysians are on a journey towards a healthier nation in line with our Ministry of Youth and Sports agenda, we have become more conscious and aware about the products we choose to consume. Recognising there was a gap in the market for an alternative beverage without excessive amounts of carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, and caffeine, encouraged us to introduce FitAID.”

He adds that FitAID is packed with vitamins and supplements your body needs for optimal performance and post-workout recovery. As a recovery drink, it replaces the nutrients that we lose during a workout, and each ingredient is specially formulated to target specific muscle groups and functions. The company wanted Malaysians to be able to benefit from this product too, and hopes to help transform Malaysian’s attitude towards health and fitness.

Having been actively involved in the fitness industry for more than 10 years, Jonathan Wong, Founder and Co-Owner of Pushmore Malaysia says: “There are a variety of products on the market promising to boost your performance and fitness levels, but it’s important to differentiate those which will help, rather than harm, your health. Offering a whole host of functional benefits, FitAID really does help recovery after an intense workout.”


FitAID has partnered with Spartan Race Malaysia to be the Official Recovery Drink across their races this year – the Reebok Spartan Super Malaysia 2016 – Battle On The Black River on 20 March in Bandar Bestari (Klang), which will be loaded with more than 20 obstacles over a distance of more than 13km; the Reebok Spartan Beast Malaysia 2016; and the Reebok Spartan Sprint Malaysia 2016, later this year. Spartan Race is the global leader in obstacle races with presence in over 30 countries.

Marcus Luer, Group CEO, Total Sports Asia (TSA) said: “We are very excited to have FitAID on board this year, and believe the benefits of this partnership will extend to all our supporters and participants. Both brands have shared values and support an active lifestyle. Not only are we offering some of the toughest obstacles this year to really push our participants and make them earn their finisher medals, but we’re also helping them recover quicker and providing added-value through our partnership with FitAID – the official recovery drink.”

FitAID retails for RM15.90 and can be purchased directly through the company website.