How many of us actually skip breakfast every morning as we are too busy to prepare? According to a nutritionist, the studies show also show that people who eat breakfast are more successful at losing weight and maintaining weight loss than those who skip it. Thus, if you are losing weight, you need to eat in order to lose weight. And, this is what you should eat every morning for the crop top!

  1. Eggs


Did you know that eggs have 6g of high-quality protein that is very helpful to build body muscles? On top of that, eggs contain zero carbs and no sugar, thus you can eat a soft boiled egg or hard boiled egg for your breakfast without feeling round yourself.

2. Lemon 


The health benefits of lemon are incredible, it helps constipation, dental problem, burns, obesity, high blood pressure and much more. Try to drink some lemon water early in the morning before breakfast to help to remove the toxins in our body.

3. Banana


Bananas are extremely healthy and delicious. They contain several essential nutrients and have benefits for digestion, heart health, and weight loss. On top of that, it is a highly convenient breakfast, just grab two banana with some granola bars and you are all good.

4. Salmon

Heart-Healthy Food To Add Into Your Meals-salmon

Salmon is great for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! It is easy yet fast to prepare, just grilled, bake, or cook it with your pasta for a healthy breakfast. Salmon is a great source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and etc. That is why it can provide you healthy fats to make you feel full.

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