Biotherm Homme Shares David Beckham’s Story Of My Life And Launch Of The Force Supreme Life Essence

Biotherm Homme Shares David Beckham's Story Of My Life And Launch Of The Force Supreme Life Essence - Pamper.My

David Beckham shared his #StoryOfMyLife campaign film collaborated with Biotherm Homme during a live streaming from Shanghai on the 9th November 2016 to guests, powering the message: “The story of my life is written on my skin. But don’t expect to read it on my face.”

During the live stream, David Beckham revealed some of his skincare and life stories on-stage while guests shared theirs inside a private animation box, or even Tattoo Bar to interpret a life-altering experience in ink. “We are bringing the height of skincare tech together with digital-goes-real experience, to turn around the age-old concept that your life story is written on your face,” commented David Fridlevski, Biotherm General Manager.

Watch or ogle at David’s Story Of My Life and his evergreen looks.

At the same time, Biotherm Homme released the Force Supreme Life Essence. The original miracle worker, released to rave reviews, now formulated to meet the demands of men’s aging skin. Intensely concentrated with the highest dose of skin-coach Life Plankton, for the ultimate treatment for aging skin. Engineered as an essence-in-water: on contact, the ultra-concentrated liquid instantly smooths. Appeasing redness and irritations sensations. With a formulation engineered to be light as liquid to activate stronger skin for instant penetration and no sticky residues.

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Life Essence - Pamper.My

“I use Biotherm Homme Force Supreme serum to reshape my skin. I also recently discovered the new Force Supreme Life Essence which is really a booster in the morning.” – David Beckham

So guys, here’s one of David Beckham’s skincare secret which you can add into your beauty routine to have nice skin like David’s.

For more information, visit or Biotherm Malaysia’s Facebook.

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