5 Stylish Watches To Treat Your Dad To This Father’s Day

5 Stylish Watches To Treat Your Dad To This Father's Day-Pamper.my

Our fathers are getting trendier thanks to the rise of social media and funnily, dad bods have also become a thing! Since Father’s Day is happening this coming Sunday, let’s appreciate our dads for their hard work and making time for us by giving them time. It’s all about a watch that gets compliments in the day and still reminds them where they need to be, on time.

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5 Stylish Watches To Treat Your Dad To This Father's Day-Pamper.my

Here are five timeless classics that are stylish, yet classy for your dad during your last minute shopping:

1. Armani Exchange (AX2516), RM1079

Armani Exchange (AX2516), RM1079

Armani Exchange’s AX2516 sports the classic stainless steel straps, complemented by the dark blue dial. A classic timepiece that never gets old, this watch is for all the fathers who want to keep up with the fashion trends, but aren’t afraid of showing off their vintage past.

2. Emporio Armani (AR11123), RM1549

Emporio Armani (AR11123), RM1549

A simple design with a sleek and elegant finish. The leather-strapped AR11123 by Emporio Armani is a casual wear item that is bold yet unyielding. Its simplicity allows it to be paired with almost anything, all while exuding a sense of class and the prestige of owning one.

3. Fossil NEUTRA (FS5454), RM769

Fossil NEUTRA (FS5454), RM769

Fossil’s FS5454 invokes a sense of stillness and serenity. The bronze hues bring about a contrast that gives the FS5454 its unique character—a clarity that cuts through the deep dark blue. Its mystery and candour might remind many people of their fathers—figureheads of the house who are always deep in thought!

4. Michael Kors GAGE (MK8617), RM1129

Michael Kors GAGE (MK8617), RM1129

With hidden intricacies of the GAGE embedded in the dial, Michael Kors’ GAGE distinctive blue and silver finish is a sleek yet bold option.

5. REC P-51 RTR (Limited Edition), RM7,300

REC P-51 RTR Limited Edition (RM7,300)

Does dad love watching Formula D? REC’s P-51 RTR is designed and produced in collaboration with three-time World Champion Drifter, Vaughn Gittin Jr.—a collaboration conceived from REC’s and Gittin’s mutual passions for horology and motorsport. A true collector’s piece as the watch is made with repurposed carbon fiber components taken directly from Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s insane drift monster vehicle. Featuring both a carbon fiber dial made from the chassis of the Mustang RTR, as well as a bezel made from ground aluminum from the steering shaft forged with carbon, ensures that every single P-51 RTR Limited Edition piece takes on a completely unique look.

Elements of a super drifter’s vehicle are infused in the P-51 RTR’s design including triangular-shaped headlights, 3-piece splitter tail lights, rotor decoration and the number 25 in roman numerals stitched on each side of the strap as a reference to the RTR race car number. The result is an absolutely jaw-dropping and daring version of the P-51 Collection, capturing the raw power of the Mustang. This watch is limited to only 350 pieces.