Xeoul Global Offers Professional Beauty, Wellness and Aesthetics Solutions Under One Roof

Previously known as Wonjin Aesthetics Centre, the business started in 2013 in exclusive partnership with Wonjin Beauty Medical Group in Seoul, South Korea. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is the top 3 largest plastic surgery hospitals in Seoul.

After intensive studies, insights and cumulative knowledge of the aesthetics and beauty industry landscape and talents, the attention evolved to enable the company to make the best recommendation of the top surgeons and establishments to suit every individuals needs and best suit their budget, beyond those available solely at Wonjin Beauty Medical Group. That developed to the start of a new business entity.

Seoul Global Launch in Malaysia

The company, Xeoul Global was founded by Ms. Dorothy Ng, Managing Director, and Asst. Prof. Dr. Edmond Ng, Medical Director. The name of the company took inspiration by the business’ affiliations with Seoul, hence named the company Xeoul (same pronunciation as Seoul), to give the name a unique characteristic.

The concept of the Xeoul Global is providing clients with a full spectrum of beauty and aesthetics needs and desires. A complete approach was derived to cater to a wider scope of clients with emphasis on versatility and to offer more non-surgical and less invasive procedures to cater to local clients who want to take care of their skin and minor aesthetics procedures, and at the same time, to continue to provide the market with more options for reliable and quality cosmetic surgeries in Seoul, South Korea; which is still the cosmetic surgery capital of the world.

Brands under Xeoul Global include Xeoul Clinic, Xeoul Aesthetics, and Aegis. Xeoul Clinic focuses on providing aesthetic and beauty services locally, while Xeoul Aesthetics is the hub for surgeries in South Korea. Aegis is a brand of skincare based products to address sun protection care and other items to complement.

Xeoul Global’s focus spans not only on anti-ageing. At Xeoul, they believe health, beauty and wellness must go hand in hand, the key to looking and feeling good is the synergy among prevention, preservation and reversal of aging.

Currently Xeoul Global operates out of Xeoul Clinic, located at the Upper Ground Floor of Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya. Xeoul Global constantly endeavors to extend the range of products and services to keep up with the latest technologies, techniques, development in the education and continuous research in the aesthetics field.

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