Beauty standards, what exactly are they? There’s the old adage that “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” and whilst I’m sure that still rings true, does that give any of us the right to publicly shame and humiliate those that we find less than perfect? It’s time we take a step back and think about this for a second.

What are we chasing when we apply makeup onto ourselves? Are you doing it for you – to feel better? OR are you doing it because you think that’s what people want to see? If you’re out there to please others without first loving yourself, you might need to take a look in the mirror and just appreciate the beauty of your face without makeup. Because no matter how beautiful, haters are everywhere.

Watch the Video and Get Ready to Cringe

In this difficult-to-watch video, William Rebein takes one of Kylie Jenner’s makeup videos and puts it into reverse. So we’re watching Kylie stripped down of all the layers of makeup to her bare self. All of this while listening to comments that haters out there have said about ugly she is, or how she looks like a monster, and so on.

Watch the video.

kylie jenner beauty standards mean comments

Pause to Reflect

beauty standards

Take a second after you’ve seen this, to reflect if you have passed judgement on a girl – did you do this out of jealousy? or simply just to make someone feel worse about themselves? or because it seems the “in” thing to do?

If we can’t say these things to someone to their face, what gives us the right to say it about them whilst we’re hiding behind a computer screen. Ladies, let’s practice a culture of support and love for each other. Let’s stop criticising others and making them feel like their any less simply because of how they look. Inner beauty is what counts most and let’s remember that to have compassion and be kind is truly what makes you a beautiful soul.

“Rebein hopes that the video will help create a dialogue about the effects of negative comments on the internet. “People need to have self-awareness of how harsh and powerful written comments really are,” he said. We couldn’t agree more.” – Maria Del Russo, Refinery 29

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