The Best Last-Minute Beauty Gifts for Mother’s Day 2022

With Mother’s Day happening in two days, some of you are probably at wit’s end, thinking of what to give your mum or wife. If you’re looking for something special and personal, beauty gifts are always a safe pick and are sure to please almost every women.

But every mum is unique in their own way, whether they’re gentle, feisty, shy, analytical, outgoing, sporty, or all or none of the above. So, what can we gift the mother figure in our lives that’s as special as them? A thoughtful gift with their personalities and lifestyle in mind might just be your best bet, and here, we’ve narrowed it down to ease your search.

The Netflix or TVB Mum

If your mum has her very own Netflix account, there’s a high possibility that she stays up past midnight binge-watching on the app, and these unhealthy sleeping habits can cause their skin to look dull and increase the appearance of dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles. But, not to worry – with these beauty products, your mum will be well on her merry way to enjoy their favourite dramas or movies with glowing, plumped skin.

The Yoga Mum

Fit mums are the ones you often see bright and early at yoga studios. They are active and energetic. These are the types of mums who know how to find their zen, and would expect their beauty products to be the same – nourishing, relaxing, and fuss-free. Even better if they are multi-taskers so they don’t have to bring too much out with them!

The “Tai Tai” Mum

Whether it’s running a household to perfection, managing their own businesses, providing emotional support to their loved ones, or keeping up appearances, ‘tai tai’ mums know the ins and outs of hard work, but also know the most luxurious places to wine, dine, and entertain. They truly know how to enjoy the finer things in life, which is why the beauty products they use should feel, look, and function the same way.

The Trendy Mum

Trendy mums love to have coffee and cakes at the most aesthetic cafes in the city and know everything that’s going on in the world of social media, which includes all the latest beauty trends. They are also the brave ones who are not afraid to dance in public for their TikTok content. These beauty products will have them look their best at any time of the day for that perfect Instagram photo.

The Expecting/New Mum

Know someone who’s expecting or just had a baby? Whether it is their first or fifth child, nourishing a new life is a 24/7 job that affects them both physically and mentally. Help her ease into this new role and feel confident in her own skin with these mum-friendly beauty products.

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