For some glasses have become a part of our daily look, it’s just a lot more comfortable than contact lens that tend to dry out during the day. But also, it turns into a fashion accessory and a statement piece. I personally can’t get enough of tortoise shell frames, love!

Here are a few ways you can look great while wearing makeup:

1. Use colour. A nude shade won’t pop behind those frames, use an eyeshadow with a burst of colour like a deep purple or plum hue.


2. Use eyeliner. On BOTH top and bottom lids. Don’t worry this won’t be too strong once you put your frames on, it will just help enhance your eyes.

3. Use mascara only midway. Because you don’t want your lashes hitting the lens when you blink and causing streak marks. Just enough to add a bit of definition and thickness.

4. Fill in your brows. An absolute must with or without glasses, a filled in eyebrow completes your overall look and has you ready for the day!

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