THE FACE SHOP Calendula Essential Line Takes You Back to Basics with a Fresh New Look

THE FACE SHOP introduces the renewal of its signature Calendula Essential line, now with a fresh new look! Made with 10% Calendula Extract, the Calendula Essential line is packed with natural moisturizing & soothing ingredients, perfect for those who want to kickstart their K-beauty journey, or simply to give irritated skin a break.

Inspired by vintage apothecary bottles and jars, the brand-new design of THE FACE SHOP Calendula Essential line features its star ingredient on its labels, paired with matte golden caps that remind users of the gentle beauty of Calendula. The minimalistic colour palette ties in with the “naturalism” concept of “less is more”.


Thanks to its natural ingredients, the Calendula Essential line features intense healing power that helps to calm the skin, especially for dry, sensitive and delicate skin.

  • Calendula Extract: These sunny-coloured Calendula flowers are known for their intense healing powers, especially for dry, sensitive and fragile skin. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits help to keep skin happy and healthy.
  • Soothing Herb Complex: THE FACE SHOP created a unique blend of 6 herbs that help to calm and repair irritated, damaged skin – Chamomile, Cornflower, Rooibos, Lily, Sage & Borage.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: With excellent moisture absorption abilities, skin gets enough moisture to strengthen and repair its barrier. It also helps to restore a firm, bouncy appearance.

THE FACE SHOP Calendula Essential line features four products to perform at their best!

Essential Moisture Toner (RM56.90/150ml)

A gentle moisturizing and soothing toner that preps and calms down cleansed skin by removing leftover impurities.

Essential Moisture Eye Cream (RM57.90/20ml)

A lightweight, non-greasy moisturizing and soothing eye cream that comforts the delicate skin around the eye contour without causing irritation.

Essential Moisture Emulsion (RM56.90/150ml)

A moisturizing and soothing emulsion that absorbs easily, delivering comfortable and optimal nourishment to skin.

Essential Moisture Cream (50ml, RM61.90)

A moisturizing and soothing cream that leaves a gentle veil of care, while providing instant hydration to combat dryness and itching.

THE FACE SHOP Calendula Essential line will be available exclusively online from September 2021, at the following e-commerce platforms:

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