Get Glowing & Stress-Free Skin with the new L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum

L’Occitane’s best-selling Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum now contains 20% more concentrated formula to reset your skin naturally while giving your skin that natural glow  and look refreshed!

Being sold 1 bottle in every minute worldwide, the Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum provides excellent soothing and glow-boosting benefits that can easily fight skin issues due to stress. It activates skin cells and boost glow from within in just 7 days with a new patented Immortelle Sap-Like Extract that is captured using NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) technology. NaDES is a green, “new generation” solvent inspired by nature and just like a plant’s sap, which is capable of capturing the different types of compounds from within the plant.

In the heart of the Immortelle, there are water and oil-soluble molecules, which normally get separated in a conventional extraction process. The natural solvent allows it to capture both so that the skin can benefit from the “solubles” instead of just one. The unique combination of molecules allows the Immortelle sap-like extract to help the skin soothe and recover from daily stress.

Thanks to the new organic Immortelle sap-like Extract and other natural origin ingredients such as Acmella Oleracea Extract, Organic Marjoram Extract and Organic Immortelle Essential Oil, the Immortelle Reset helps to erase the impact of stress and fatigues on the skin, reviving the dull-looking, tired skin to a healthier, more vibrant glow, and smoothed skin!

L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum comes in 4 different sizes – 75ml (RM470), 50ml (RM395), 30ml (RM285) and starter kit 5mlx2 (RM114), and are available at L’Occitane online store and in stores nationwide. Discover the other products from the range too such as the new Immortelle Youth Hand Cream, Reset Triphase Essence, Divine Youth Oil and more.

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