SK-II’s New SKINPOWER Advanced Cream Targets the Root Cause of Skin Ageing

Achieving your best skin can be challenging, as many often tend to focus only on the symptoms rather than tackling the root cause of skin ageing.

SK-II, a leader in the field of skin science, has made a revolutionary discovery: the Ageing Trigger Factor “AT-02”. This newly discovered ageing trigger factor is created by daily stressors and drives an ageing chain reaction, which can lead to accelerated ageing signs prematurely in life.

SK-II’s new anti-ageing cream, SKINPOWER Advanced, targets the root cause of skin ageing by reducing and preventing the production of AT-02.

The cream is made with PITERA™, a naturally derived ingredient that has anti-aging properties, as well as Kinren Bio Extract and White Peony Root Extract, which help protect skin from daily stressors and maintain skin elasticity.

According to SK-II’s study, after just one day of use, skin feels 60% firmer. After two weeks, skin feels up to 70% more elastic and has 75% improved visible wrinkle reduction. After four weeks use, skin is perceived 90% more youthful looking.

This new cream is a breakthrough product that can help you achieve your best skin. If you are looking for an effective anti-aging cream that can help you look and feel your best, then SKINPOWER Advanced Cream is a great option.

In addition to its anti-aging benefits, SKINPOWER Advanced Cream is also made with naturally derived ingredients, making it a safe and gentle choice for all skin types.

Visit or your nearest SK-II counter today to learn more and to start your journey to younger-looking skin. SKINPOWER Advanced Cream (RM850/100g) is available in SK-II counters nationwide and online at SK-II’s flagship store on LazMall from August 1, 2023.

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