Shiseido Celebrates 10 Years of Ultimune with Stunning Yuni Yoshida Collaboration Featuring Masami Nagasawa

Shiseido’s iconic power-infusing concentrate, Ultimune, turns 10 this year! To celebrate this milestone, the brand has partnered with renowned Japanese art director Yuni Yoshida to create a breathtaking visual campaign, featuring brand ambassador Masami Nagasawa, under the concept “Believe in Beauty” that embodies the essence of Ultimune: unlocking the power of beauty within each of us!

Since its launch in 2014, Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate has become a global phenomenon, winning over 252 beauty awards and earning a loyal following for its ability to visibly improve radiance, resilience, and smoothness in just 3 days. Constantly evolving, Ultimune has been reformulated three times, each iteration pushing the boundaries of skincare innovation.

The collaboration with Yuni Yoshida is a perfect marriage of Shiseido’s dedication to artistry and craftsmanship with Yoshida’s delicate attention to detail and her signature blend of modern aesthetics and Japanese sensibility. The resulting visual is a breathtaking explosion of colour and texture, featuring Shiseido brand ambassador Masami Nagasawa standing elegantly amidst a cascade of red flower petals, embodying the quiet power and vitality.

Yoshida’s personal philosophy resonates deeply with the campaign’s message. She believes everyone possesses the potential for beauty, waiting to be discovered. This aligns perfectly with Ultimune’s ability to unlock that inner radiance and empower individuals to believe in their own unique beauty.

The Ultimune comes in various sizes to fit your needs:

  • 75mL for RM585
  • 75mL (Refill) for RM525
  • 50mL for RM460
  • 30mL for RM320
  • 15mL for RM145

Head to Shiseido boutiques, nationwide counters, the Shiseido Official Online Store, Lazada, or Shopee to discover the power of Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and unlock your own inner beauty!

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