OMEGA’s Dreamy Ad Campaign Celebrates Olympic Spirit!

This summer, the City of Lights becomes the stage for sporting history! As the Olympic and Paralympic Games descend upon Paris, OMEGA, the Official Timekeeper, unveils a stunning new advertising campaign that’s as inspiring as it is visually captivating.

The OMEGA campaign transforms iconic Parisian landmarks into a surreal playground for world-class athletes in a way you’ve never seen before. Imagine transforming the Eiffel Tower into a high jump runway, the Seine River a shimmering swimming pool, and the Arc de Triomphe a starting line for a sprint race. Through clever use of scale and optical illusion, the campaign takes us on a visually stunning journey, seamlessly integrating elite athletes with iconic Parisian locations, symbolising their limitless potential.

The campaign features 12 phenomenal athletes who are also OMEGA ambassadors. Each athlete represents a different sport, country, and ability, embodying the spirit of the Games. The featured athletes include:

  • Mondo Duplantis, the current Olympic champion and World Record holder in Pole Vault.
  • Léon Marchand, French swimmer and World Record holder in the 400m Medley.
  • Gianmarco Tamberi, the current Olympic champion in High Jump.
  • Erriyon Knighton, a rising star and one of the fastest sprinters on the planet.
  • Shericka Jackson, currently the fastest woman in the world over 200m.
  • Ma Long, a five-time Olympic champion in Table Tennis.
  • Marcel Hug, a six-time Paralympic Games champion and multiple World Record holder in Wheelchair Racing.
  • Bebe Vio, a double gold medal winner at the Paralympic Games in Fencing.
  • Simon Ehammer, the Swiss hurdler, long jumper, decathlete, and heptathlete.
  • Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, the New Zealand sailing team with three Olympic medals.
  • Mickaël Mawem, the world champion in Bouldering, in the sport of Climbing.
  • Céline Boutier, France’s own Major winning golfer.

The campaign is further elevated by an exclusive song, “Born to be a Legend“, created in collaboration with French rapper SDM. His original lyrics capture the essence of overcoming challenges and the relentless pursuit of victory, perfectly complementing the campaign’s message of resilience and triumph.

This campaign is a celebration of OMEGA’s long-standing commitment to the Olympic Games. For over 90 years, OMEGA has served as the Official Timekeeper, ensuring unmatched precision in capturing every historic moment.

Head over to Youtube to watch the captivating OMEGA Olympic Games Campaign. Get ready to embrace the Olympic spirit and ignite a fire within yourself—a fire to push your limits, chase your dreams, and become a legend in your own right. Let the Games begin!

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