#QuickChatWithPamper: All About Gallinée, An Innovative Skincare Brand That Takes Care of Skin’s Microbiome — With Its Founder Marie Drago

Launched in 2016 in France, Gallinée is the first skincare brand focused on taking care of the skin’s microbiome – the good bacteria and microorganisms that live on and in our body, using its innovative patented prebiotic, probiotic and lactic acid complex to nourish and support the good bacteria in the skin.

We first met the brand at the Beauty Beats by Sephora event in July last year and were intrigued by the brand’s offerings. Recently, we managed to have a quick chat over email with Marie Drago, the Founder of Gallinée about why she created the brand and her skincare approach.

Gallinee Scalp & Hair Serum and Face Mask & Scrub (Photo taken during the Beauty Beats by Sephora in July 2019)

1. How did Gallinée start and what motivated you to create your product line?

Marie Drago, the founder of Gallinee

It’s all based on my personal history: I am a pharmacist with a couple of auto-immune diseases, and they got me interested in the world of the microbiome before it became cool. It got really interested on how good bacteria could help you not only in your gut, but also on your skin. So I went back to University and passed my thesis on skin probiotics, and that’s the basis for Gallinée products.

2. How and where are the products formulated and produced?

All our products are developed and produced in France, in a beautiful factory with very high standards. France has a very strong skincare tradition and it is great to work with the best ingredients and manufacturers.

3. Is Gallinée cruelty-free and vegan?

As all European brands, Gallinée has not been tested on animals. We also have to products of animal origin in our range. It just makes more sense this way!

4. What is the edge of Gallinée from other skin care lines?

We are the first ever beauty brand to take care of your own skin good bacteria. They are your first line of protection, and can be easily damaged by our modern life style, resulting in sensitive skin or problem skin. The idea of Gallinée is to help you balance your microbiome and rebuild your skin barrier, and get you back the skin you’re supposed to have!

5. What are the key aspects that you take into consideration when creating new products?

We always think first about how to help the skin. So not only we have very gentle and efficient active ingredients, we also use a minimalist approach in formulation: very little perfume and preservatives, no colourants and nothing that doesn’t need to be there.

All our products are very rich in good bacteria (probiotics), prebiotics (to feed your own good bacteria) and postbiotics (to create the perfect environment for your good bacteria). It makes all the difference.

6. What are the new product launches that we can expect from Gallinée in 2020?

Our new eye cream will be launching in Malaysia in April. And there are a lot of cool surprises for the rest of the year, as there are a lot of bacteria on your body that needs love!

The Eye Contour Cream will be available in Malaysia by this April

7. What are the star products of Gallinée and why?

Our Face Vinegar is clearly our star product. It’s a very special toner, we have two patents on it: it’s going to be soothing for sensitive skin, but also purifying for oily skin. And it’s great at brightening and smoothing the skin for a perfect glow.

Our Foaming Cleanser is also extremely popular. Foaming cleansers are usually quite drying, but this is has been tested on Sensitive Skin and even skin prone to eczema with great results. And it feel so cushiony!

8. What are your personal favorites among your skin care products?

I have a lot of love for our Youthful Serum. It’s oil-free, silicone-free, no perfume, just purely active ingredients, and a lot of them. It’s quite hydrating without ever being greasy, so when I come to Malaysia, that’s my go-to hydration product. It’s also really brightening.

Youthful Serum 30ml (RM275)

9. What would you advise our readers who want to make the most of Gallinée skincare line?

Our products have been formulated to give you healthier skin, so that in time you will need to use less products. We have a lot of feedback that people stop to use foundation when they start with Gallinée, because their skin looks so much better.

And for the scalp and hair care range, the shampoo doesn’t really foam and it can take a bit of adaptation, so I recommend at the start to alternate with your favourite shampoo. And in time you will see that you need less and less to wash your hair!

10. Lastly, do you have any beauty or skincare advice that you can share with our readers?

Mostly I would say to be nice with your skin: use gentle products, with the right pH, and no alcohol or harsh ingredients. I was also given the advice years ago not to rub my face with the towel after the shower, and it made so much difference, my face became a lot less puffy!


Gallinée products are already available at Sephora Malaysia stores nationwide and online at sephora.my. For more information on Gallinée, log on to gallinee.com.

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