#Scenes: Sephora Fall Beauty Beats 2019 Brings Beauty Feels

Sephora Collection is bringing more products to its natural and targeted skincare range.

Fall is coming and with that, more newness from Sephora for us beauty junkies to look forward to in the coming months! Sephora introduced its Fall Beauty Beats with a sensorial beauty event titled Beauty Feels, the theme is a take on how beauty is intrinsically woven into the choices we make through the day, month or the year.

Manifested into six ‘experience slices’ at the event, each slice embodies a relatable beauty scenario with photo ops and product recommendations from exclusive brands that are tailored for a work out, an upcoming holiday and self-loving me-time among others.

We got a sneak peek on some of them so here are some photos to entice and prepare you to start saving for them.


Stay tuned to Sephora.my for these newness that’s to come!