Living & Pace Is The New Malaysian Skincare Brand That Could Be The Soulmate Of Your Skin!


Beauty Worth Living, Pace Of Natural, that’s what new Malaysian skincare brand, Living & Pace is. The story of Living and Pace begins with its founder, Elston Mak, having once suffered from bad skin himself, he felt that not all products in the market are effectively treating or protecting our skin.

“There are many skin care products in the market that are not designed for Asian skin,” Elston explains. “So we ensure our products are designed by studying skin problems caused by Asian environments.”

With the focus on creating affordable and effective skincare products that work with Asian skin’s own unique set of skin issues, Living & Pace is here to help others to improve their skin and in effect as the brand passionately believed that every skin care regime is a journey on its own, and every journey is unique to everyone.


Inspired by nature and its natural healing properties, Living & Pace’s products are formulated with active ingredients are harvested from nature, just like their tagline: ‘Beauty worth living, pace of nature.’ Using real and raw botanical essences and plant extracts while working closely with formulators, scientist, and chemist from Singapore, Japan, Korea and France to creating the latest formula, Living & Pace’s developed formulations contain no alcohol, artificial pigments and fragrances. Making Living & Pace’s products easily absorbed and gentle, allowing it to heal one’s skin properly and naturally without affecting nature’s element.

In line with their nature inspirations, the Living & Pace’s approach to beauty is about self-care; slowing down to enjoy one’s self at the present.

“People’s lives are getting busier and busier,” says Elston. “In this fast-paced era, people lose touch with their own feelings and lives so the message we want to say with Living & Pace is to love yourself and carve some ME time.”

Find out more about Living & Pace’s ranges below:

1. The Valley

Known as the anti-air pollution series, The Valley range is made with plant extracts such as aloe vera, sea fennel, spirulina, and rosemary leaf extract to restore and hydrate the skin. This range works best on normal or combination skin, gently cleansing and restoring that healthy glow lost to air pollution.

  • Green Tea Cleanser Gel: Gives an gentle yet deep cleanse to remove excess sebum and impurities.
  • Portulaca Toner: This toning lotion exfoliates surface skin cells, refines pores, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.
  • Water Drop Cream: This satiny cream is made with a blend of active ingredients to lighten scars, brightens skin, and hydrate and soothe skin.
  • Licorice Mask: An intensive treatment that instantly brightens and hydrates your skin. It promotes the absorption of nutrients into the skin and keeps your skin constantly moist.

2. The Ocean

The Ocean range is for those looking for anti-ageing, whitening and repairing their tired skin. Utilizing the healing and soothing power of aquatic plants – sea fennel, dulse seaweed, red algae, and False Irish Moss, these products are formulated for those whose lifestyles involves stress, late nights and spending long period of time in the air-conditioned rooms.

  • Marine Milk Cleanser: A gentle cleansing milk that preserves your skin’s protective film yet removes traces of makeup and dirt.
  • Rose Toner: This soothing toner contains rosehip and rose essential oils to promote hydration and skin plumping properties to your skin.
  • Arbutin Serum: The Alpha-Arbutin prevents the production of melanin while your skin gets brighter and hyrated with the help from Sodium Hyaluronate.
  • Marine Algae Cream: Improves your skin’s suppleness and hydration with the help of marine algae and beneficial vitamins as you sleep.
  • Hexapeptide Mask: This mask has a unique formula made with a chockful of antioxidants that stimulates your skin’s own collagen to restore your skin back to its youth.

3. The Forest

The Forest range helps to treat oily and acne-prone skin as its made with botanical extracts like red algae, rose hips, aloe vera, horse chestnut, and tea tree oil, which helps combat bacteria and oils that clog the pores on skin. The range is made up of a:

  • Papain Cleanser: This enzyme-filled cleanser penetrates deep into your skin to get rid of acne-causing bacteria.
  • Calendula Toner: A gentle toner filled with Salicylic Acid tand mild astringents to remove excess impurities and sebum while tightening your pores and maintaining the moisture on your skin.
  • Aesculus Gel: This soothing gel instantly hydrates and soothes stressed skin while aiding the skin’s natural healing process.
  • Yeast Mask: Combines the benefits of Sulphur and Tea Tree Oil to eliminate acne-causing bacteria and clear clogged pores.

4. The Rainfall


The Triple Hyaluronan Spray from The Rainfall range contains galangal and three forms of hyaluronic acid to penetrate different layers of your skin which contains moisturising complex to enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture and improves it suppleness. It also keeps your skin hydrated all day long because it forms  time-release hydro-patches on your skin which slowly hydrating actives to keep your skin moisturized. We would use this to layer our skincare to help other products to absorb better and to refresh our skin throughout the day.

5. The Summer


Made for protecting skin from the harsh sun, this range is perfect for the Malaysian weather. Rich in Vitamin E and bisabolol, the Daily Sun Defence SPF 50+++ sunblock is set to shield the skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays with its broad spectrum protection and anti-ageing ingredients. You can say this is the first time a Malaysian skincare brand has formulated its own sunblock too! We can’t wait to share our thought about it in a coming post.

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